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Sunday, May 7, 2017

Hillary: The Girl Can’t Take It

" . . . Her overweening ambition has always taken precedence over the nation’s interests and the Democrats never criticized her for any of her misconduct. It is only now, when she threatens the party’s interests, that all but the deluded fantasists are raising a stink and telling her to “just go home.' ”

Clarice Feldman  "The Hillary Clinton whinefest continues. I had hoped that like the falling out of favor Kardashians and Caitlyn (aka Bruce) Jenner, she’d just start fading out of an audience, but she feels compelled to keep complaining about all those who cost her the election. This week she blamed James Comey and “Russian” hackers for her loss.

"There are two parts to the Russian collusion claim by the Hillaryites. They contend, first, that there was some still unspecified evidence to support a Russian preference for Trump. Then they claim that it was Russians who hacked her email accounts. This week both of those claims proved to be without substance.
"In Congressional testimony, the only basis for the first assumption was the purely factually unsupported, speculative belief by FBI director Comey that Russia preferred Trump. The only basis for the second was that the FBI was examining contacts between Trump and the Russians -- a suggestion Comey swatted off. " . . .

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