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Monday, May 15, 2017

Throwing Shade: Maxine Waters Town Hall in Inglewood, CA

"She gets lots of attention because she likes to throw shade (urban slang for constantly insulting someone) at Donald Trump, Republicans, and just about anyone else you can think of."

Throwing Shade: Maxine Waters Town Hall in Inglewood, CA

. . . "A wrecking ball of stupidity, Waters has faced token opposition all her career. For all of her bluster, Maxine Waters has run the South LA, Hawthorne, Inglewood, and Gardena regions into the ground
for nearly 3 decades. What does she have to show for it? Zero.

"I have long wanted to confront Waters on her record of professional failure. Then four days ago, I got word that Waters was hosting a town hall in Inglewood. Unlike previous town halls, I took clear steps to ensure that I would be protected ahead of time. Trump supporters don’t just find themselves behind enemy lines, I have sadly found that any outcry of displeasure or disapproval means that I
get escorted out. This is the fate of the First Amendment in deep blue sections of California.

"Or is it? Election 2016 was a rousing success for Republicans across the country, and even in deep blue California, Trump did better than Romney in 2012. Where? Oakland—Governor Moonbeam’s stomping ground; Compton, which has not elected a Republican to Congress since the late 1970s.

"And Inglewood. Check this article from the Sacramento Bee if you do not believe meHow to explain this? Trump resonated with black voters because of his vocal opposition to illegal immigration, which is eviscerating black communities." . . .

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