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Monday, May 22, 2017

Welcome to CSU-S&M

Mike Adams  . . . "Under the current system, the only speakers members of Students for Life at CSU­SM hear are those they are required to subsidize, which are hired by administrators in the Gender Equity Center and the LGBTQA Pride Center. It should go without saying that members of the group disagree with the speaker viewpoints, which include advocating for abortion and sexually promiscuous behavior. Yet they are banned from bringing in their own speakers to present a contrary view.

 "I first learned about all of this last semester when Students for Life at CSU­SM applied for funding and invited me to speak on their campus about the issue of abortion. Unsurprisingly, ASI denied the funding request.

" That is when I put the students in touch with my old friends (and my former lawyers) at ADF.

"As of this writing, ASI continues to provide funding through mandatory fees to the Gender Equity Center and the LGBTQA Pride Center, allowing them to pay to bring numerous speakers to campus, giving voice to their own views on a variety of topics that conflict with those of Students for Life, including abortion and human sexuality.

"However, their chokehold on the marketplace of ideas will soon be broken and students at CSU­SM will be granted the right to bring in their own speakers with opposing viewpoints. In other words, CSU­SM has absolutely no chance of winning this lawsuit. " . . .

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