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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Why Staying Put Was McMaster’s Most Patriotic Act

"The National Security adviser was called a hypocrite for defending Trump’s handling of classified intelligence. But critics misread his book and his motives."
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"In the wake of H.R. McMaster’s May 15 press briefing on the president’s alleged sharing of classified information with the Russians (“The story that came out tonight is false,” McMaster insisted), there was no shortage of voices saying that Trump’s national security adviser had failed to live up to his own standards. His defense of the president, critics said, was an unnecessary mishmash of double­speak and hair­splitting, that he seemed more of a political cheerleader than a sober foreign policy adviser. 

 "Military analysts condemned McMaster by arguing that his defense of Trump “soaked” him in a “swamp of deceit,” that he’s in danger of becoming a second Colin Powell, that his press statement retailed the “parsed half truths” that characterized the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Vietnam era. In sum, his critics claimed, McMaster abrogated the principles of truth and honesty that he laid out in his celebrated 1997 book, Dereliction of Duty, which showed that the joint chiefs were complicit in Lyndon Johnson’s lies about Vietnam and “failed to confront the president with their objections” to the military strategy adopted by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara. Thus, McMaster sullied his hard­earned reputation. 

"Those who know him well, including a friend of 25 years and a McMaster mentor, vehemently disagree." . . .

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