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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Moby cartoon video corrupting children into hatred and accepting violence against President Trump

Thomas Lifson  "Trump Derangement Syndrome keeps plumbing the depths of corruption of the soul.  Extreme hatred and utopianism are a lethal combination, as tens of millions of unmarked graves of the former USSR, China, and Cambodia among many others signify.

"Nothing is more insidious than corrupting the minds of the young into hatred for others that ends up denying the enemy's humanity.  The current reigning champion of such child exploitation is Palestinian television, especially the Hamas-controlled Al-Aqsa channel.  Palestinian children are lured into fanatacism, up to and include suicide bombing, via grotesque use of animal and cartoon characters.  
"I am certain that Richard Melville Hall, who performs under the stage name Moby, considers himself a paragon of virtue, for his public persona is full of virtue-signaling.  He seems to endorse the entire progressive catechism, with his characteristic virtue-signaling condescension perfectly illustrated in one sentence.  The man is a lyricist, after all:
" 'Could you look an animal in the eyes and say to it, 'My appetite is more important than your suffering'?"
"In collaboration with artist Steve Cutts, Moby has just released a cartoon music video that marks a new low for the Trump-haters.  Jerome Hudson of Breitbart summarizes the action:" . . .
. . . "The artistic quality and budget of this video overshadow anything Hamas could produce.  But as I see it, Moby and Cutts are breeding fanatics, just as the Palestinians do.  Make no mistake: this is a work of art that tells us something awful about our times, and especially about the times that lie ahead. "

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