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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Seth Meyers’ Ivanka Trump Joke Falls Flat At Awards Show

Youngcons  "For some reason, comedians in liberal enclaves are convinced that jokes about Trump are edgy and original.
"In reality, it’s the lamest and most boring comedy you can possibly put forward.
"A true comedian takes risks. They don’t do what they think everyone in the room will like.
"You want to actually stir things up? Make a joke defending Christians. Not bashing them.
"Make a joke about irrational Trump haters instead of bashing Trump like everyone else does.
"Norm MacDonald, arguably the greatest stand-up comedian of all time, touched on that issue in a recent interview." . . .
From the Daily Caller: Seth Myers Goes After Trump And Ivanka At Fashion Awards Show
“Abercrombie & Fitch has announced it’s putting itself up for sale,” Myers told the crowd. “Meanwhile, thanks to Donald Trump, the United States has become a Banana Republic.”“It’s harder than ever to separate fashion from politics,” he added. “First Lady Melania Trump made headlines recently after she decided not to wear a head cover when visiting Saudi Arabia. Which is especially shocking cause her husband wears a head covering literally everywhere.”
The left went bonkers apparently over this photo of Ivanka sitting behind the president's Resolute desk:

"Ivanka Trump posted a photo on Monday sitting behind the Resolute desk in the Oval Office and female journalists lost their minds on Twitter."


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