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Friday, June 23, 2017

Who says the Democrats have no message?

The message of the left   "The left does indeed have a message.  It is based in intimidation and guilt.
"In the wake of the Georgia election, the left cannot understand or explain its rejection by the electorate.  Some Democrats blame their fall out of favor on Nancy Pelosi.  Increasing numbers opine that the left has no real message to tell.  But liberalism does have a message.  It is strong, clear, and quintessentially left-wing.  Its message is the widespread projection of intimidation and assignment of guilt via self-righteous, sanctimonious activism. "

"If you happen to be Caucasian, an inherited trait over which you have no control, you are guilty of white supremacy.  America is guilty of being a war-mongering, imperialistic international bully driven by capitalistic greed.  The Constitution is obsolete, penned by illegitimate slave-owning Founding Fathers.  America was built on slavery.  Religious tenets (save Islam's) are oppressive fantasies.  Atheism and science will set you free.  You are responsible for global warming, which definitely, truly exists.  The Second Amendment needs to be repealed, although if a man of the left shoots Republicans, there is no need to bring it up.  Police officers are the rebirth of the KKK.  If you question the consequences of open immigration, you are not "who we are."  Etc.
"If you are hesitant to embark upon a program of self-flagellation in response to any of the above, you are a hateful, obstructive, unenlightened, racist, sexist, homophobic xenophobe belonging to a clan of Neanderthal bigots.  You should go to your room and remain silent.  You are deplorable.
"This is the message of the left – the message of those seeking tolerance, co-existence and brotherhood, of those who want to "have a conversation" and then not allow it." . . .

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