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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why Democrats keep losing

Above and Beyond
American Thinker  "They have gone 0-4 in the last special elections, and they keep blaming the wrong people and coming up with the wrong reasons for their losses.
"Here are ten reasons why they keep losing.
1. They have broken the federal budget.
We're still $19.8 trillion in debt, and this makes people nervous.  We have to be patient for the GOP to fix the problem.  The Dems don't even seem to believe that there is a problem.
2. They keep promoting the multiplier effect.
That is, if the government gets bigger and bigger and keeps spending money, then the economy will prosper, because for every one dollar the government spends, the expenditure puts at least $1.50 to $2.50 back into the economy.  They say this to promote big government.  Of course, this is nonsense, no matter how many line graphs they produce to prove their theory.  If there really is a multiplier effect, let it happen in the private sector.
3. Obamacare is still a disaster.
Dems and their fact-checkers keep telling us it is not in free fall, but more and more insurance companies are leaving the exchanges.
. . . 

. . . "All in all, the Dems are pushing too hard.  It's so odd that otherwise intelligent people can advocate such silliness that destroys themselves and stalls and hinders our country.

"It's clear enough that if Trump can do two things, he'll win re-election: simplify the tax code, and roll back the gigantic regulation bureaucracy.  Dems either adjust their views, which doesn't seem "imminent," or they'll keep losing the country.  And I say the country will be better off with more of their losses."

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