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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Young voters to Hillary: stop blaming others for loss

Campus Reform  "Young voters want Hillary Clinton to “move on” from her recent repudiation, saying she should “stop blaming other people, and take responsibility.”

"Until recently, Clinton had largely avoided offering public explanations for her epic defeat, but that all changed last week when she opened up in a series of revealing interviews on the reasons for her loss.
"Was it because of her failure to spend time in crucial states like Wisconsin and Michigan?
"Maybe it was because of voters’ near-universal distrust of her?
"Perhaps the loss was a result of her scandal ridden tenure as Secretary of State?
"From listening to her speak, one might believe Miss Clinton is just about the only thing not to blame for her defeat.
"In interview after interview, the former Senator from New York has listed off a litany of reasons for her failure, ranging from weak data at the DNC, to unfavorable documentaries airing on Netflix, to malicious Russian intervention.
"Each time the topic of defeat was brought up, one person was noticeably absent from Hillary Clinton’s blame: Hillary Clinton.
"Wanting to know what millennials thought of her inability to accept personal responsibility for her defeat, Campus Reform took to the streets of Washington, D.C. to talk with young voters, and it quickly became clear that they were not happy with Mrs. Clinton’s explanations for her defeat." . . .

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