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Friday, July 7, 2017

CNN: guardians of our freedom

CNN: The Corleone Network
When CNN reports on the collusion scandal, it focuses on the Trump campaign, Vladimir Putin, and maybe once in a blue moon, Hillary Clinton.  But it chooses not to report on the entity that truly colluded in the Russia claims: the media. 
CNN was better when it was boring  "A couple of years ago, you could have described the three cable news channels this way. FOX was dynamic, MSNBC was unwatchable and CNN was boring.   
"Well, CNN is now worse than boring. They are just plain silly and self absorbed, as Roger Kimball wrote:   
A couple of weeks ago in this space, I speculated that CNN, the Crackpot News Network, had reached the terminal stage of malevolent implausibility. 
“[I]t would be a good thing,” I wrote, “were CNN humiliated and sued out of existence. It performs no journalistic function, merely a destructively partisan one.”
As usual, I was too kind. CNN will not have to be sued out of existence, as Gawker Media, another disgusting purveyor of malicious gossip and fake news, was a year or so back. 
No, CNN seems to be performing a species of hara-kiri or seppuku in public.    
"Yes, they are self-destructing indeed, no matter how much they try to put on a happy face.     
"Jeff Zucker, President of CNN, is now complaining that President Trump istrying to intimidate his network. Really Jeff? Are you that soft? What if President Trump had said that CNN is trying to intimidate him? Wouldn't CNN mock that?     
"On a more serious note, "the bean counters" may soon be asking Mr. Zucker for a meeting to discuss ratings. CNN continues to be #3 and way behind #2. In fact, CNN Can’t Crack Top 10 In Cable News Ratings!
"All of this begs a question: What if CNN had responded to Mr. Trump's wrestling video with their own wrestling video? What if they had responded with humor rather than this self-righteous crap that President Trump is threatening journalism? "  (It does not "beg the question; it prompts the question! TD)
Who can ever forget this jewel from CNN's Dan Lothian?

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