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Friday, July 28, 2017

Nunes: Obama political aides made hundreds of unmasking requests

Legal Insurrection
Rick Moran  . . . "This sort of thing used to be illegal until Obama relaxed privacy rules in 2011.  So while it's not technically illegal (Nunes and others think it should be), it is a clear abuse of the privilege.  It may even be an abuse of power if the White House used the unmasking to leak the names of Trump officials to the press for political purposes.

"The press is totally uninterested in this story, even though many of us would like to know what the hell the Obama administration was doing with all this information.  Is it not important that the then-president of the United States was using intelligence agencies to do his political dirty work?  I guess if it doesn't lead with Trump and Russia, it's non-news.
"It's unnerving to think your identity could be compromised even if the NSA did not have a warrant to spy on you.  But the Obama administration was far more concerned about which Republican was meeting with foreign leaders or businessmen and what they discussed than any constitutional right to privacy. "

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