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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Solid counsel for conservatives: "The Right's Image Problem"

"I have a few suggestions most of which have been and continue to be applied. I only state them again because even reaching one or two more people can help change the course of the trajectory:"
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Elizabeth Nahas  . . . "As much as I am grateful for my evolution toward truth, the Left’s sound bites have increased exponentially. Consequently, many of us on the Right remain in the underground for fear of retribution. With a Republican President and Congress, why does this continue? The answer is simple: The Right’s image and messaging continues to be abysmal, and without those in power changing the narrative, decay of the Grand Old Party and conservatism for that matter will ensue. Like many on this site, I regularly hear the distortions about the Right without reprieve as evidenced here:

"Recently, I attended a conference which drew people from all over the world with the majority coming from the United States. This particular event was not about mental or behavioral health and was bringing together peers from another profession. Being from the Northeast, I was aware of those colleagues who tilted Left. I was taken aback, however, that Leftist thinking was so pervasive throughout the industry in general. Even at a convention which frowns on any political discussion, I could not escape direct comments or insinuations about conservative principles and, of course, President Trump. Let me stress these people were some of the friendliest people whom I have met as a group coming together, and I have no doubt there are quite a few who are Right in their thinking. Like me, however, they remained in the shadows. Allow me now to provide you with some of highlights:" . . .

. . . "Finally, a third said “now it is time to heal.” In my fantasy world, I wanted to stand up and ask, “Heal from what? Heal from the last eight years of deception, demagoguery and divisiveness with the country brought to a point of almost no return?” . . .

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