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Monday, July 31, 2017

Why does anybody want to turn the reins of this nation over to the left?

Crazytrain: Jill Stein Says North Korea Forced To Make Nukes To Protect Itself From American Threat…   "Even Bernie Sanders thinks North Korea is completely insane. This woman must be certifiable."

Leftists Seek to Prevent White Painter From Paying Homage To Black Martyr
"There was a time when an artist’s rendition of something as tragic as the murder of Emmett Till would have been celebrated. Unfortunately, over the last several years, American communities have begun to self-segregate."

Media Claims There Are 15k Transgender People In Military, But Claims Are Unsubstantiated

She Said What?! Maxine Waters Just Keeps Getting Weirder!  "But the California Democrat really outdid herself on Saturday, when she said Vice President Mike Pence is well into planning his own inauguration 'cuz, you know, Trump's impending impeachment."

Leftists In Hard-Hit Youngstown, Ohio Try To Stop Fracking – The Only Business That Could Save The Area

California conservatives, tired of state's liberal politics, find friendlier abodes in Texas  California conservatives, "Tired of high taxes on everything from your home to your plastic shopping bags? Concerned that violent crime may be seeping into your once seemingly idyllic neighborhood? Worried that your children will be placed in subpar public schools?"  Want to move?

Roseanne will have a nine-year-old 'gender creative' grandson in TV revival: Casting directors are looking for a child who can play 'sensitive and effeminate'   "
Showbiz411.com reports a gender fluid child, however, will likely get a lot of attention– for its bravery in telling what seems like a more common story in recent years and from the usual detractors. The “Roseanne” reboot is obviously out to give a jolt to what is a fairly snoozy sitcom world.
"Mark would not be TV’s first gender fluid person, however. That distinction goes to actor Asia Kate Dillon, playing Taylor on Showtime’s “Billions.”
Our minds are being molded by Hollywood morals. Lord, help us.

Women's Studies Prof: 'I Wish Someone Would Just Shoot' Trump

Marble Statues Are Now Racist...

I guess that's it for now and yet all this is in one day. One.

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