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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

American Populism Has Left the Left Behind

From Occupy Wall Street to President Trump — it squandered its huge opportunity.   "Ironically, the acting-up of Occupy Wall Street led to Donald Trump’s presidency. At a moment ripe for populist anger, the left, aided by mainstream media, turned it instead into an elitist temper tantrum. As a result, Middle Americans saw how little they resembled the left and went decisively in the opposite direction.

"The left has never had it easy in America. Prosperity aplenty rarely let leftist movements crawl far from the cradle. The Financial Crisis therefore held special promise. Its particulars seemed to be the seeds for which the left had so often longed.
. . . 

"Billed as the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, it was even better political fodder. Unlike the Great Depression, which affected the entire population because it was based in the monetary system, the Financial Crisis seemed to have winners and losers cast by Frank Capra. There were bailouts to the malefactors — those “too big to fail” — while those on Main Street — “too small to save” — paid. For the left, the Financial Crisis offered unparalleled promise as It’s a Wonderful Crisis.

"On September 17, 2011, almost four years after the financial crisis began, the left responded. Occupy Wall Street seized Zuccotti Park in New York City… and the mainstream media. While Occupy Wall Street held the park for two months, it still has not relinquished its hold on mainstream media." . . .

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