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Monday, August 7, 2017

On the cultural front: tattoos and booty-shaking

Thinking About a Tattoo? Think Again

"Even worse than the continuing existence of rap music, the most depressing development of the past decade is the widespread adoption of that mark of sailors and hookers, the tattoo. I realize it's a generational thing, and I really don't care much about what men do to themselves, but nothing defaces a woman's body more than a barbed-wire biceps bracelet, a tramp stamp, or a snake slithering up her leg. Both my daughters were informed when they were young that a tattoo meant instant disinheritance, and neither ever went near a tattoo parlor.
"Now there's another reason to stay away from ink: your health." . . .
I don't watch sports on television -- I don't watch any television, in fact -- so I've been spared the sight of NBA players who look like they should be on a chain gang instead of shooting hoops. But girls in the summer dresses who look like they just got out of prison -- no thanks.

Michael Walsh

Stop Letting Your Preschool Girl Shake Her Booty in Front of My Son
We always talk about the over-sexualization of little girls in terms of being the parents of a little girl. But, as the mother of a little boy, I can’t agree enough that forcing little girls to be women before their time has to stop.

. . . "We are all affected if any of our children are implicitly or explicitly devalued, or valued for their physicality rather than their unique, amazing selves. At age 4 or 5, a kid is learning the norms of their community.
"She couldn’t be more correct. Whether I like it or not, my son is learning how women work from your daughter’s behavior. Please, don’t let him learn how to admire, respect, and love women for the wrong reasons. And don’t dare accuse my son of not respecting women if you can’t even respect your little girls."

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