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Thursday, August 10, 2017

The man who could launch WWIII: Commander in chief of North Korea's nuclear force warns of mid-August strike on Guam and ominously tells troops 'wait for my order'

Rich Terrell

The Gang that Couldn’t Threaten Straight  "Secretary of Defense James Mattis issued his own, much tougher statement. So the administration has something for everyone. You can choose the president’s bellicosity, the secretary of defense’s firmness, or the secretary of state’s palaver. Which reflects the administration’s true posture? Who knows? Does the Trump administration?"  Rich Lowry.
UK Daily Mail   "He is Kim Jong-un's shadow, following the North Korean president from missile launch to military parade.
"General Kim Rak-gyom is often seen smiling and joking with his subordinates but, much like his despotic leader, he is far more dangerous than his jovial exterior suggests.
"As head of North Korea's rocket command, he is believed to have his finger on the proverbial button, with as many as 60 suspected nuclear warheads at his disposal.
"Hours before Kim Jong-un announced he was looking into the logistics of striking the remote Pacific island, host to thousands of US servicemen and submarines, Donald Trump vowed 'fire and fury' if he threatened his country.
"General Kim Rak-gyom went one further by branding Trump's remarks 'a load of nonsense' - and the US president 'senile'." . . .

The three men often seen celebrating with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un (centre) are (from left to right) veteran rocket scientist Kim Jong Sik, former air force general Ri Pyong Chol and head of weapons development Jang Chang Ha
Dennis Rodman's posse

. . . "But a position as Kim's right hand man comes with its own, very unique set of hazards.
"In February, following a string of failed nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile tests, it was reported that Kim Rak-gyom had not been seen in around six months, including at the 69th anniversary of the creation of the North’s military.
"He re-emerged a month later during a North Korean missile launch in which the military claimed it was practising to hit US military bases in Japan. 
"After successful missile launches which have angered world leaders, Kim Jong-un is also seen celebrating, hugging and sharing a celebratory smoke with the same three men." . . .

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