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Thursday, August 10, 2017

How about America returns to common sense?

"... the vast experiment against common sense that is liberalism."

Image resultRobert Curry  "Donald Trump's proposals – the ones driving so many people crazy – are simply policies that are good for America.  They are just common sense.  Because they are common sense, they deserve broad bipartisan support – which they are not getting.

"America once had common sense coming and going.  These days, not so much.
"America simply works better when common sense is abundant.  That is because the American system is designed to depend on common sense.  This fact earned America the title "the common sense nation," a title it once richly deserved.

Image result for common sense illustrations"Common sense is consequently the best lens through which to examine what going on in this country.  We have a great example of this over at The American Spectator.  The article, written by George Neumayr, has so much to recommend it!
"Above all, Neumayr does what most needs to be done: he puts common sense precisely where it belongs – at the center of the political debate.  Which of these statements by Neumayr is the more perfect?
"This one?
Without common sense, without respect for the natural order of things, "conservatism" is useless. It is just destructive liberalism at a slightly slower speed.
"Or this one?
... the vast experiment against common sense that is liberalism.
. . .

Robert Curry serves on the Board of Directors of the Claremont Institute and on the Board of Distinguished Advisers of the Ronald Reagan Center for Freedom and Understanding.  He is the author of Common Sense Nation: Unlocking the Forgotten Power of the American Idea from Encounter Books.  You can preview the book here.

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