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Thursday, August 10, 2017

A nation gets the leadership it deserves

Image by The Slammer
Solving the Debbie Blabbermouth mystery  "The disgraced former DNC chairwoman, whom Rush likes to call Debbie Blabbermouth Schultz, is under the biggest scandal cloud in Washington thanks to her former I.T. guy, Imran Awan.  Awan was the ringleader of what looks like a genuine Capitol Hill crime ring, which defrauded the government of millions from no-show tech jobs and various other scams.
"Awan is currently in jail, and Schultz isn't talking, nor being prodded much by the establishment media.  A lot of speculation has occurred, though, about Awan possibly blackmailing Schultz and other congressional Democrats through his access to their computers.  It is even suspected that Awan took this access and sold secrets from the House Intel committee, which Schultz would have, to a foreign power.  Given Schultz's fanatic defense of Awan, the idea is also out there that they were having an affair.
"I, however, am more of an Occam's Razor, simple explanation, "follow the money" kind of sleuth, and I would bet dollars to donuts that this is just a case of two inept crooks, Schultz and Awan, getting caught with their hands in the till.
"Schultz doesn't have any family money, but she lucked into high elective office almost right out of college.  She is well known as one of the poorest members of Congress, carrying huge debts. " . . .
As the saying goes, "never steal anything small."  The Clintons are proving the wisdom of that saying once again, judging by the current lack of interest from Congress and the Trump DoJ in looking any more into the various complicated Clinton scandals.  Indeed, Bill Clinton may well get off scot-free and go down in history as our age's Napoleon of Crime.  As for Debbie Blabbermouth, she's only going to the nearest federal women's prison.

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