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Monday, October 9, 2017

California Sheriffs Are Openly Protesting Their New “Sanctuary State” Updated

Hot Air

. . . "The complaints from the sheriffs are nothing we haven’t heard before and their concerns are well founded. What’s not made clear here is precisely what they would like the GOP led Congress and the President to do about it. What sort of federal law would overrule the state’s ability to dictate the policies of its own law enforcement agencies and not run into constitutional trouble when it was inevitably challenged?
. . . 
"As to the actual policies which the sheriffs are protesting, two of them really stand out. One is the inability of law enforcement to notify ICE when they pick up known gang members, including MS-13, if they are snagged on non-violent charges. If they are on the registry of known gang members, ICE should be able to take that opportunity to get them out of the country even if they were only pulled over for an illegal right on red." . . .
Emphasis added, TD

Consistent with that:
It is no longer a felony to knowingly transmit HIV in California

Update: ICE warns California illegals not to get too cozy; new sanctuary state law won’t protect you"
 . . . Brown wrote, according to the Los Angeles Times“[T]his bill strikes a balance that will protect public safety, while bringing a measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear every day.”

"People living in fear every day? People like Kate Steinle who was killed by a criminal illegal alien in California?

"But if Brown thought his state’s law was going to stop ICE from enforcing immigration laws, he is mistaken." . . .

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