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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Weinstein was easy, Hollywood pedophiles won't be

Child stars: Haim (left) and Feldman (center) starred together in films including The Lost Boys (above)
Child stars: Haim (left) and Feldman (center) starred together in films including The Lost Boys 
Jack Cashill  . . . "It only took the media about 13 years to bust Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein for his sexual depredations once reporters had the story in hand.
"But that story will prove to be relatively easy on the media. There is another, trickier Hollywood story the nation’s newsrooms have been sitting on longer than Weinstein was stalking young women.
"For years, powerful men in Hollywood have been preying on young boys, and the media have remained mute largely for fear of offending the LGBT lobby.
In its article on Weinstein’s demise, the Washington Post’s Stephanie Merry alludes to the problem. “Corey Feldman,” she writes in something of a throwaway line, “has also talked about the abuse he endured as a child and the fact that his friend and co-star, the late Corey Haim, was raped at 11 years old.”
"This one sentence is the only major media reference to the Hollywood pedophile scandal in the week since the Weinstein story broke. This is a sordid tale, made all the more scandalous by the failure of the media to tell it.
"The story last surfaced in May 2016, at least in Hollywood. The immediate cause was a comment made by “Lord of the Rings” star Elijah Wood, who began his Hollywood career as an 8-year-old." . . .
It remains to be seen whether anyone in the major media will have the nerve to pick it up. If editors and producer do not, they are as complicit as the men in Hollywood who continue to prey on little boys, some of whom, like Corey Haim, never get over it.

FLASHBACK: Pedophiles In Hollywood Exposed By Elijah Wood, Corey Feldman  . . . "Former child actor Corey Feldman has publicly stated that, “I was molested and passed around,” while discussing how in Hollywood adult males in the industry would pass young stars “back and forth to each other.” Feldman revealed that his co-star Corey Haim was raped at 11-years-old. 

"Actor Elijah Wood confirmed Feldman’s claims in May 2016, describing Hollywood as a den of “vipers” in an interview, and saying “If you can imagine it, it’s probably happened.”

"Wood said he was protected from abuse by his mother, who didn’t let him go to Hollywood parties, but he said other young child actors were regularly “preyed upon” by those in power.

"Wood also compared Hollywood’s sexual predators with known pedophile and English TV personality Jimmy Savile.“You all grew up with Savile,” Wood said. “Jesus, it must have been devastating. Clearly something major was going on in Hollywood. It was all organized.' ” . . .
Will Democrat politicians like Senator Chuck Shumer – who have long taken campaign contributions from Weinstein – disavow Hollywood’s pedophilia and sexual abuse? Or will Shumer and the Democrats stay quiet, obstruct Congressional investigations of pedophilia in Hollywood, and try to make the public forget that the entertainment business is filled with men that rape children?

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John Marshall said...

You can bet those in Congress are going to turn this investigation into a cold case ASAP, Because they are as deep in this as the Hollywood crowd, You can bet, all these Elites (SCUM) are involved in this, and the shit is about to hit the fan.