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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sexual Harrassment story: all in one big post. Plus our tweet of the day

Why the SNL Women’s Defense of Franken Means Little
. . . It doesn’t matter how Franken treated his coworkers if he harassed other women. Treating one person well doesn’t expunge treatment of others.
As Yashar Ali pointed out in the tweet above, the only result of these kinds of letters is that they dissuade other women from speaking up, and serve to delegitimize their allegations. Especially when the media talking points on Franken’s alleged offenses are that he made an itsy bitsy ‘mistake‘. A ‘mistake’ that as one reader pointed out, Franken made repeatedly, if allegations are to be believed. . . .
Built up anger of abused liberal women finally breaks through, enabled oddly enough by Trump’s defeat of Hillary.  "Not all the revelations have been about liberals (see, Roy Moore), but it seems that there is a liberal self-cleansing mechanism in progress when WaPo, the NY Times, and even Vox are turning on their own after years of looking the other way (or in the case of NBC, spiking the story)"

 The Resistance Tony Branco
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Although Conyers has since denied the claim, the news follows a recent Washington Postreport that Congress’s Office of Compliance has paid over $17 million to settle 264 workplace complaints since 1997 — a figure that includes sexual-harassment allegations. But where does all this money come from? From U.S. taxpayers.
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Today in Sexual Harassment  Some guesses:  "Bill Moyers (oh please, please)

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Reminder of how the next Oscar night is shaping up:  "I didn’t think the morning news that Melissa Gilbert has accused Oliver Stone of sexual harassment way back in 1991 (I’d kinda forgotten who Melissa Gilbert is, and Oliver Stone is best forgotten on general principle), but then I saw the news that came out later that Pixar’s major creative force, John Lasseter, is “taking a leave” from the animation powerhouse because of the usual problem:" . . .

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John Conyers settled charges of sexually harassing staffers during the time his wife was in prison for taking bribes on the Detroit City Council.
The perfect Democrat power couple.

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