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Monday, January 1, 2018

7 Things You Need To Know About The Iran Protests.

. . . Unlike Mr. Obama, Mr. Trump does not deliver his message with such mellifluousness, and unlike the elitists of left and right, we "deplorables" are most thankful for that.  He is bold, honest, and direct.  Perhaps, with the help of social media and the internet, his message of freedom through strength is permeating the walls of censorship and reaching the Iranian people.  Their rumblings and discontent are heard loud and clear by this president.  Already, he is tweeting his message of support to the people. . .Elizabeth Nahas

Daily Wire

“We will die but we will take Iran back.”

1. How did the protests start?  "Protests started on Thursday in the city of Mashhad as demonstrators took to the street to protest rising prices, high unemployment rates, and corruption in Iran’s Islamic government. The protests, comprised of adults mostly under 40, are believed to have started on social media, which led to the Iranian government shutting down the internet to stop the protests from escalating. By the weekend, the protests had spread across Iran, including to areas that are considered strongholds for the government.
2. What do the protestors want? "Demonstrators are demanding the removal of the current regime, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as evidenced by chants from the crowds which include calls for the death of the Islamic Republic, Hezbollah, and Khamenei.
3. What are the crowds chanting?  "The following quotes were pulled from Iranian protestors before Iran shut the internet down and translated by The Wall Street Journal:" . . .
4. How has the Iranian government responded?  "Reports vary on the response from the government; some indicate that the protests are more peaceful than riots in previous years, while new reports indicate that approximately a dozen protestors have died, according to two separate reports from the Associated Press."
5. What is expected to happen next?  "At this point it’s tough to know, considering the limited information coming out of Iran, however Al Jazeera notes that experts have indicated that the “demonstrations have escalated much faster than anticipated.”
. . .The WSJ adds,"Uprisings in Iran tend to die out because of a lack of leadership, clear organization and goals. If the protests persist, the regime may crack down harder on them, with mass arrests and military lockdowns." . . .
6. How has the Trump administration responded? "President Donald Trump expressed his support for the protests over Twitter. Saying the world is watching, he condemned the country for shutting down the internet and also tweeted out videos from his speech at the U.N. over the summer in which he talked about the growing issues inside Iran.
7. How has the American media reacted?  "The media initially ignored what was going on in Iran, likely because it reflected negatively on former President Barack Obama, whose Iran nuclear deal was supposed to help Iran's economy, and because the Trump administration's response was night-and-day better than Obama'sresponse in 2009.   
"CNN and The New York Times did a terrible job of covering the protests, while ABC News' Matthew Dowd declared that the U.S. did not have the moral authority to talk about Iran because "we" don't talk about Russia:" . . .
 Those of us who see Mr. Obama for who he is were disturbed but not surprised about the events surrounding the 2009 Iranian uprising.  The Green Revolution took hold, and all they asked from our globalist president was rhetorical support.  The response from our commander-in-chief was a deafening silence.  The Iranian people understood the message loud and clear:  not "no can do," but "no will do."  Soon their spirits deflated, their will withered, and their oppressors crushed what was left.  Would it have made a difference if Mr. Obama had used his silver tongue and given some support?  We will never know, but being the interloper he has been with so many other countries, it is ironic – or maybe not – that the most powerful leader of the free world could not wish the same for others.
GUTLESS AND DESPICABLE: Obama's Minions Attack Trump For Standing Tall On Iran  . . . " Example 7: Last but not least, Hillary Clinton, who gave her usual mush-mouthed answer, saying she "hoped" the Iranian regime would respond peacefully to the protests." . . .

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