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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

FedEx stays loyal to the NRA as gun-control pressure builds and boycotts loom

Business Insider

  • FedEx has not cut ties with the National Rifle Association despite boycott threats and pressure from gun-control activists, nor publicly commented on its continuation of a discount program for members of the gun-rights organization.
. . . "On Monday morning, The New York Times published an op-ed article encouraging people to boycott the delivery company.

" 'Ending a discount program won't, in and of itself, save any lives or cause great political damage to the N.R.A.," David Leonhardt wrote. "But the FedEx situation has now become something of a test case of the new anti-gun movement. It's also a test case for whether a major company feels comfortable allying itself with a group that effectively promotes violence."
"While the boycott threats have piled up, some people on social media have lined up in support of FedEx." . . .

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