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Friday, February 9, 2018

The First Female Navy SEAL Candidate And The Offensive Truth Of Nature

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By Susan Wright at RedState
"According to the Navy, there were no special allowances made for the females. They were required to undergo the same physical challenges as their male counterparts, which makes sense, since the challenges in combat they would face would be the same."
. . .  If you want to compete in a role more suited to men, due to the biological certainties of bigger size, more musculature, then you have to prove you can keep up. Your teammates’ lives may be on the line one day, and war does not take a day off for bloating and irritability.

"The other female to enter was working towards becoming a special warfare combatant crewman. There’s no word on her progress yet, and if she makes it, good for her. If not, nobody should be surprised.

"I’m not opposed to women serving in the military. There are so many roles that women can fill, and do so exceedingly well. Combat is not that role. Women are wired differently. They have different needs and biological functions that would make prolonged combat roles untenable. And no, our troops’ lives should not be risked to prove a point about diversity.

"Kudos to both ladies for giving it a shot. It’s never a bad thing to face reality about our limitations." . . .

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