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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Krauthammer Is Dying With Dignity While Liberals Are Living With None

Derek Hunter in Townhall
At the end of his life, Charles Krauthammer will leave this world with the grace and dignity few of us could show, even on our best day. It’s a shame that many on the other team don’t have a best day in them, or even a decent one.

"Some people die with bravery, grace, and dignity while others live with none of those attributes.

"This truth was on full display Friday when Washington Post columnist and Fox News star Charles Krauthammer announced to the world what I’d heard in whispers for a couple of weeks – he was dying, he only has a few weeks left to live. The outpouring of love and admiration that followed was, no doubt, comforting for him and his family in this awful time.

"But, as has become all too common in the social media age, some liberals couldn’t let a day, or even an hour pass with them simply acting like normal, decent human beings, or at least confining their vile nature to their heads and small circle of troll-like friends. Not one hour.

"Liberal writer Barrett Brown took the opportunity to plug an anti-Krauthammer piece he’d written in Vanity Fair back in 2009, because he thought the world needed to know. On Twitter he added, “Here’s a summary I wrote for Vanity Fair of Krauthammer’s ongoing failure, from 1998 on, to get a single thing right about the subject on which he was inexplicably deemed an “expert”. His impending death will make the world a safer, more competent place.”

"Brown then went on a justification spree, with each excuse more pathetic than the last. People confident in their actions aren’t compelled to explain them to strangers pointing out how inhuman they were.

"Not to be outdone, human dumpster fire Oliver Willis, who writes for something called Share Blue (which reads like the modern English language version of Der Stürmer), went on a tweet storm, complaining, “death doesnt (sic) make a very bad guy a good guy.”

"Share Blue was founded by the same person who founded Media Matters, Oliver’s previous employer, alleged cocaine aficionado David Brock. That means he does this for a living and, outside of fascistic progressive fever dream factories, he’s otherwise unemployable." . . . Full article...

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