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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Have Jordan Accusers Reported Abuse at Their Work Places? "And get ready for the next character assassination."

American Spectator  "In the viciously cynical American political environment where we now live, it no longer is about quality and competence, skills and ability. It is about destruction of the opponent: destroy them, their character, their children, their family. Just destroy them. For example, let’s show pictures of a girl crying at the southern border when her mother puts her down for a moment — and then let’s tweet that we hope that the President’s child gets kidnapped and sexually abused. Let’s destroy that kid.
. . . 
"This is so vicious, so base, the endless character assassination — leveled by hypocrites and phonies who, in front of their own very eyes, see the evil and villainy of the Keith Ellisons and Hillary Clintons, the Bill Clintons and Maxine Waterses who should be ostracized and vomited out of the body politic. Keith Ellison is a Jew-hater who hobnobbed with Farrakhan and whose anti-Jewish snide remarks have been caught on tape. Hillary is a felon. Her husband is the sequel to Raging Bull: Raping Bill. And Maxine: at this moment in American history, suddenly that name will never be the same.

"But all those crooks and knaves are fine for the Democrat liberals smelling blood in the water near Jim Jordan. So let us consider a bit more deeply — in a case where an underling knows about abuse, which Jordan did not — what it means to speak out against abuse at the workplace. What it means in real life to be employed as a grunt at a place where the boss, or someone a bit less high up, is abusive — sexually abusive, physically abusive, emotionally abusive. Many inevitably encounter something like this at some job, but we prefer not to discuss it. Well, may as well discuss it:" . . .

Meryl Streep publicly praised Harvey Weinstein as “god.” She did not know? And the clapping seals loved it, cheering and gleefully giggling at the Academy Awards.
No one at CBS spoke out about Charlie Rose. No one knew? No one at NBC spoke out against Matt Lauer. No one knew? 
Understanding Why Jim Jordan Is Being Smeared  . . . "Gaetz nailed one of the motivations for the smear saying it was part of a campaign to distract from the FBI’s own embarrassments in mishandling a Russian collusion investigation. “This is a deliberate attempt to knock the best oversight member of Congress off his game the week [Peter] Strzok is scheduled to testify,” he continued.

"The timing of these allegations, their specious nature and the focus on what Jim Jordan “should have known” smells to high heaven of a political hit by Jordan’s RINO enemies.  This is the lowest and vilest attack yet on a conservative seeking a House leadership post and it tells us the Swamp thinks Jordan is winning the race for Speaker.
"The American Spectator’s Brandon J. Weichert expanded on this point in a must-read article from June 6:" . . .
As long as Jim Jordan is tied-up in this phony controversy the Deep State is still winning. Trump, Jordan, and the few others resisting this shadowy tyranny need reinforcements. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) we urge CHQ readers and friends to call Representative Jim Jordan to tell him in the face of these vile attacks he should redouble his campaign for Speaker.
Another number for Rep. Jordan is 202-225-2676. Both have been busy today. TD 

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