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Monday, July 30, 2018

Robert Spencer's History of Jihad Opens Eyes

That was the birth of "jihad."  Be meek and deceptive first, until you gather enough power, then unsheathe the sword.  It worked then and it is working today.

Amil Imani  "When I read Robert Spencer's new masterpiece, The History of Jihad: From Muhammad to ISIS, it was as though George Orwell had summed up Robert Spencer and uttered his famous words: "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

"Before starting to tell you about this unique documentary book about the history of jihad, I must tell you I have firsthand experience with this ideology.  I confess, there are not many people able to put this into words so accurately and so eloquently and so easy to read and understand as does Robert Spencer.  In the history of jihad, from cradle to grave, Spencer has outlined – irrespective of what the term in "Islam" may mean – the facts on the ground and conclusively demonstrated Islam's violent nature from its very beginnings.  No need for us to go back to the time of Muhammad and re-examine the historical records; Spencer has already done it and provided us with many anecdotal insights.  
"It is true: Islam has been imposing its oppressive, intolerant, and deathly dogma without let-up.  This archaic, primitive belief of over 1,400 years' duration has been and continues to be at war with valiant people the world over who refuse to bend their necks to its yoke.  What Spencer has done is turn on the lights brightly for all to see." . . .

Maaloula, we saw it happen in our time:  

Maaloula Christians say town - their neighbors and friends - Muslims took part in attack  "According to families who fled Maaloula (Syria), some of their Muslim neighbours were involved in the attack that devastated their village located about fifty kilometres from Damascus, dispersing its residents.
"Perceived as a betrayal of the long-lasting trust that existed between Christians and Muslims in Maaloula, where Muslims make up about 30 per cent of the village population.
"The presence of young Muslim fighters from the village among Syrian rebels appalled the Christian population. However, it is a sign of the growing ambiguity of Syria’s armed rebellion."

When she remembers how US Secretary of State John Kerry described the SLA forces as "moderate" before a Senate committee, she shakes her head in a sign of weariness over such ignorance or bad faith. In her eyes, the Western press seems to have lost all credibility.
. . .  

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