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Friday, July 13, 2018

That Strzok- Struk-Stroke Smirk

UPDATE: The Creepiest Part Of Peter Strzok’s Testimony
A face only a Democrat will love

Peter Strzok's Smirk Said He Was Lying  . . . "So we're all liars and maybe we are, but I'll tell you what convinced me -- besides an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence equivalent to the O.J. trial -- that Strzok was not just your garden variety prevaricator but an out-and-out conniving, evil S. O. B.: his smirk.

"The shrinks call that "inappropriate affect" and it sure was.  What the hell was this guy smirking about?"

Peter Strzok's Smirk Said He Was Lying

"What do Trump supporters smell like, Mr. Strzok?"

Democrats took Strzok’s claims at face value, literally applauding him at one point. Republicans stuck to their partisan points, too. . . . "But the basic facts speak for themselves: With his flagrant misconduct, Peter Strzok brought shame to the FBI and the entire Justice Department. He should be ashamed of himself, rather than playing the victim." . . .

Peter Strzok – The Most Productive FBI Agent Of All Time

Strzok's Smirk
Public testimony of this kind is a performance. But Strzok couldn't helping letter his inner self, the one we got to know from his texts, slip through. Both slimy and self-righteous, he came out of the closet in moments like this exchange with Louie Gohmert that quickly went viral.

Strzok’s claim of no bias so ridiculous that even CNN’s political director calls BS  . . . "Only a fool or a Democrat (the two groups considerably overlap in the United States) would believe Peter Strzok’s claim under oath that it was only the appearance of bias, not actual bias, that was the problem with his texts to his inamorata Lisa Page. Yet, the Democrats in the joint committee hearing were eager to hitch their wagon to his fate.  One of them, Rep Steve Cohen of Memphis, offended many people with his claim that Strzok deserved a “Purple Heart,” oblivious to the genuine grievous physical injuries that have been honored with this medal that he trivialized." . . .
(Wounded Marine Vet: 'Disgraceful' & 'Disgusting' for Dem Rep to Suggest Strzok Deserves Purple Heart)

Ob-strzok-tion of justice  "For eighteen months, Democrats and the liberal media have been hoping beyond hope that the Mueller investigation will result in Donald Trump being found guilty of colluding with Russia or obstruction of justice.  . . . While their behavior may not rise to criminality, it certainly robbed the American people of a full opportunity to hear Strzok's responses to penetrating and pointed Republican questioning."

Mike Flynn Jr. Sounds Off on Peter Strzok ‘This Man Interviewed My Father, Let That Sink In’  . . . "Dirty cop Andrew McCabe and disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok worked in coordination to take out General Flynn.
"Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok then ambushed General Flynn and interviewed him on January 24th 2017 without his lawyer present.
"On December 1st 2017 it was reported General Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI deep state operatives in the ongoing Trump witch hunt.
"General Flynn should be pardoned and reimbursed for all of his legal fees.
"You can donate to Lieutenant General (Retired) Michael T. Flynn’s legal defense fund by clicking here."
Rep. Trey Gowdy questions FBI's Peter Strzok in fierce grilling
"FBI agent Peter Strzok, who testified publicly for the first time Thursday since being removed from special counsel Robert Mueller's team, faced heated questions from Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC). Watch this clip of their exchange, and Strzok's response to the line of questioning."

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