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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Pocahontas and Krazy Kamala shamelessly pander for Nutroots Support

Ed Straker  . . . "Warren warmed up the crowd, saying she is for "economic justice."  The crowd went wild because they know that "economic justice" is a code word for redistribution of  income.  Then Warren tossed another buzz phrase: "reproductive rights."  None of the women in the audience has ever been prevented from reproducing, unfortunately.  Warren said she was worried about a "mom" getting shot during a traffic stop.  Police bad!  The crowd went wild.

"Warren said the rich are getting richer while people are holding down four jobs "just to pay the rent."  I would have liked to see a show of hands from her audience of holders of four jobs.  Warren complained that "corporate giants" are controlling "more and more and more."

"The entity that controls the most, the federal government, escaped Warren's notice.  Big companies don't have the power to tax.  They don't have the power to regulate.  They don't have the power to force people to buy things, like health insurance.  Only government does.  Government has gotten bigger and bigger, but more government is not the problem, Warren assures us – it's the solution." . . .

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