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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

I always said it takes guts to be a conservative, but good grief!

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Castro Valley Man Accused Of Switchblade Assault On GOP Congressional Candidate*
“He would have stabbed me,” Peters said. “I mean, he had it out saying, ‘I’m going to kill you MFer! I’m going to kill you!’ I could see his thumb trying to get the knife out.”

From the San Francisco Comical: Castro Valley man allegedly cursed Trump, tried to stab GOP congressional candidate
Irony dept: 
Fazeli also attended the ‘March For Our Lives’ protest in Oakland demanding stricter gun control, according to a Facebook post.  Guns bad, knives good.

DC police investigate threat to commit mass shooting at a MAGA event in Trump International Hotel  Pictured right.....

SECRET SERVICE  SO, CAROLE COOK ... What'd You Mean by 'Where's John Wilkes Booth When You Need Him?'
. . . "Our sources say the Secret Service saw our post and are concerned enough that they want a chit chat with the 94-year-old actress. They were quick to add it's not an official investigation -- just due diligence. If the interview unearths anything ominous, only then would it become an official investigation." . . .

'Threats of Rape and Strangling' Force D.C. McAllister Into Hiding After Anti-Abortion Tweet  "Last week, PJ Media contributor and Fox News guest Denise McAllister sent out a powerful tweet denouncing the abortion movement. Little did she know, days later she would be in hiding, scared for her life. When she went public about receiving death and rape threats, pro-abortion Twitter users championed the threats against her.

" 'At the root of [abortion] hysteria is women’s unhinged desire for irresponsible sex. Sex is their god. Abortion is their sacrament," McAllister tweeted. "It’s abhorrent as women have flung themselves from the heights of being the world’s civilizing force to the muck and mire of dehumanizing depravity.' " . . .

A Republican Party office in Wyoming was set on fire just two days after opening, and police believe it was intentional  . . . "The burnt office is shared by the Albany County Republican Party and the Wyoming College Republicans, who began moving in on Tuesday, less than 48 hours before the fire, Albany GOP spokesman Ben McKay said." . . .

From Thomas Lifson at American Thinker: 
*Attempted murder of GOP candidate for Congress narrowly foiled  "The extreme hatred for President Trump and Republicans being unceasingly spewed from the Left is having its inevitable result, with an attempted murder of a candidate for Congress that was averted only by the faulty equipment employed by the assassin.
"The national media have not yet even noted the murder attempt, according to a Google search of the intended victim’s name at 8:37 AM EDT, three days after the incident.
"In fact, it has taken 2 days for even the local major media to report, as CBS San Francisco did:" . . .

. . . 
"Remember when Barack Obama piously called for a “new era of civility” following the attempted murder of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords by a deranged man in Tucson? The New York Times gushed:
It was one of the more powerful addresses that Mr. Obama has delivered as president, harnessing the emotion generated by the shock and loss from Saturday’s shootings to urge Americans “to expand our moral imaginations, to listen to each other more carefully” and to “remind ourselves of all the ways that our hopes and dreams are bound together.”
"Where is he now? His silence, after this display of putative nobility, reveals that it was all for show, for political advantage. A few dead Republicans? Meh?" . . .
Emphasis added by TD

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