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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Nancy Pelosi on “Wrap Up Smear” Tactics claimed that she says Republicans use

Snopes calls this "miscaptioned" . . . "The clips are authentic in the respect that they were extracted from an actual C-SPAN video of Pelosi’s weekly press briefing on 22 June 2017, but seriously misleading in the respect that they were trimmed in such a way as to omit their original context.
"As a longer clip and transcript clearly show, Pelosi was calling out Republicans for conducting wrap-up smear campaigns, not touting the phenomenon as a go-to strategy for Democrats:" . . .
"We were unable to find any instances of Pelosi’s stating or advocating that Democrats use such a tactic."

In contrast with these words by Snopes, we see this in some form daily in the form of discussion panels on, say CNN and MSNBC, and news "anchors" on those channels. These personalities argue with and demean conservatives they interview; they make sure the camera shows them with a scowling (troubled?) look during the discussions. Later when the interview is replayed, viewers will see the host is troubled by conservative points of view.
Keep in mind this video that's reported as anti-Pelosi is from a Bay Area source. TD

KSFO video  Hat tip to Harley Standlee; Placerville, CA

After properly attributing her remarks in context, we must realize these were the very Democrat tactics, as the Daily Wire describes, to form the exact template used in the Kavanaugh smear.
. . . Uncorroborated, salacious, off-the-wall allegations of sexual misconduct, including accusations of high school gang rape rings, were leaked to the media by the Left to smear Kavanaugh. With the "validation" of a complicit, biased media's reporting, Democrats endlessly pushed the baseless accusations, further ruining the reputation of Mr. Kavanaugh and Republicans in general. Senator Dianne Feinstein was even able speak of gang rape rings during a highly-publicized Senate Judiciary Committee hearing because of the tactic so eloquently explained by Pelosi.It didn't matter that all of the allegations were uncorroborated with serious credibility gaps; the damage was already done to a good man, all for political gain. The "wrap-up smear," if you will, was completed, and Kavanaugh had his name forever tarred.

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