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Monday, November 5, 2018

'PATHETIC': Rush Plays Clip Of Obama Taking Credit For Trump’s Booming Economy, Thoroughly Roasts Him

Daily Wire  "On Monday, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh roasted former President Barack Obama for trying to take credit for his successor's booming economy in "pathetic" fashion. Obama made the remarks on Sunday night in Chicago, where he was campaigning for Democrats.

"Rush started by knocking Obama for his underwhelming crowd size relative to the typical numbers Trump can pull in.
" 'By the way, this was another meager crowd," he said. "I mean, they said it was 9,600 people. They said that’s what this place held. It was not full. Obama, the Clintons, they just can't ... they can’t do it. They cannot do what Trump does. They cannot draw crowds. They cannot create excitement. They’re trying. They want in on the action, but they’re not pulling it off."
"The host then ran the audio clip of Obama from Sunday night, while occasionally shouting an objection from behind his golden EIB mic (transcript provided by Rushlimbaugh.com): . . .
. . . Rush categorized the weak attempt to steal credit from Trump by Obama as "pathetic." . . .
FULL: Rush Limbaugh Speech at President Trump Rally in Missouri

What happened to Obama? He looked wasted & defeated at Milwaukee rally
. . . "What dope is Obama smoking? Do these brawny, military-age young males look “impoverished” and “malnourished” to you?"

Hey! Aren't these the guys who spit on and throw garbage at the USA soccer teams when they play against Mexico here or there?

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