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Friday, November 9, 2018

Seriously? Some On The 'View' Think CNN's Jim Acosta Was Assaulted

Matt Vespa  Jim Acosta’s White House press pass has been pulled—and once again, we have a meltdown. From Acosta’s rants to CNN saying this is a threat to democracy, you’d think that the Trump White House tossed a Walter Cronkite-like reporter out onto the street. CNN’s Acosta is no Cronkite. What sparked his removal from the room? Acosta, President Trump’s favorite punching bag, got into a tense exchange about his rhetoric on immigration, specifically about the illegal alien caravan approaching the southern border. It devolved into a difference of opinion about the term "invasion," which the president has used to describe this caravan. Acosta obviously disagreed. Then, the fireworks began (via NBC News):" . . .
. . . 
"As you can see in the video, a White House aide tried to grab Acosta’s microphone away, but he refused to give it up. Apparently, to some on the Left, the aide is the one who committed assault and battery. One of these people is co-host of The View Sunny Hostin (via Washington Times):"

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