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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Why is the press trying to erase GOP congressional winner Young Kim from all the 'Year of the Woman' hoopla?

Monica Showalter  "CBS News last night went all in for the identity politics advocacy, highlighting the numbers of women elected to the new incoming House, which was won by the Democrats. The idea of course was to paint Republicans by implication as racist and sexist, and promote Democrats as the only party of 'inclusion.'

"It's drivel - and with CBS's exclusion of Southern California's first Korean-American congresswoman, Young Kim, it was obviously a selectively edited report.
"Young's problem, see, is that she's a Republican who defeated a Democrat, and that doesn't quite fit the "narrative." So despite being the first Korean-American congresswoman, she got left out of the story. Take a gander at the report:"  Video . . .

. . . "Nope, no coverage. As the Stalinists did it, she's a "non-person."
"And that's rather disgusting. Most Republicans don't play the identity politics game, and that includes the conservative Kim, given that she won the election based on her ideas, not her femininity let alone race. But if that's the game CBS wants to play, she belongs in the bunch. Yet she didn't make the cut." . . .

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