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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

"Americans Should Demand an End to This Impeachment Absurdity"

Conrad Black: Americans Should Demand an End to This Impeachment Absurdity
. . . "Any American adult who believes any substantial part of that should seek psychiatric help at once, regardless of his healthcare plan. Henry Kissinger is fond of quoting Metternich that public “policy is a drama that ends by following the script to its conclusion or because the audience mounts the stage and stops it.” What is left of American national dignity requires that the audience mount the stage, stop the media auto-da-fé and let their congressmen and senators know that this farce must end. There was never a legal basis to it and there is no longer even an entertainment justification for it. It merely makes the United States appear absurd, to itself and to the world."

Impeachment: The great 'Why should I care?'  . . . "For myself, who has watched not a single minute of these proceedings on TV, nor even the snatches that have made it to the various blogs I read, it has come down to a few simple questions: "Why are the people doing this? Concern about law or justice? Or are they simply looking for personal (or political) gain?"
"The answer is obviously #2, so why should I even give them my attention?" . . .

Jim Jordan nails it on the impeachment scam
Need I remind you, Rep. Jordan, that you were once told by Mazie Hirono to "just shut up"?

Tuned Out: Impeachment Circus A Ratings Dud  . . . "Will this lackluster ratings performance spell doom for the Trump impeachment hearings? How long are the Democrats willing to go on with something that Americans are actively – and in great numbers –tuning out. In TV-land, a ratings dud spells only one thing: It’s time to cancel the show." . . .

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