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Friday, April 30, 2021

Battle of the speeches: Joe Biden and Rep. Tim Scott

 Here’s Why the Left Is Lying and Crying About Tim Scott’s Speech   . . . "Either way, you have probably seen the utter vitriol that the hard left is directing toward Sen. Scott for being depraved enough to be a black conservative lawmaker. And why are these brave and virtuous souls upset with Scott?

"Because he dared to do what far-leftists have found to be overly challenging: Take a sensible approach towards the conversation on race.

"During his rebuttal, Scott savaged the woke theology practiced by too many on the far left. He recounted some of the racism that he experienced even as a sitting United States senator, acknowledging that racial bigotry still exists in the country. He even brought up examples of leftists attacking him with racial slurs. But he also stated that despite this being a reality, America is not an overall racist nation." . . .

If anyone truly thinks that Biden is “boring,” it is because, having been intoxicated by the Trump Show, they are looking only at this president’s style. One hundred days into Biden’s presidency, and there is scarcely a single part of American life that the man isn’t trying to change.

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