Thursday, April 16, 2015

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Wikipedia: The Holocaust (from the Greek . . ."burnt"),also known as the Shoah 

 Why we must never forget the Holocaust
From United With Israel:

Holocaust Message: World is ‘Delusional’ in Face of Iranian Nuclear Threat   . . . "The Holocaust survivors had nowhere to go, but “today, we have our own country – a flourishing and modern country. A country that imbibes the heritage of our fathers and stands at the forefront of global knowledge. A country that disseminates a great light. A country that has taken charge of its destiny. Seventy years after the valleys of death, we revere the living, the vibrant, the creative, the flourishing.”

“ 'The nation of Israel that has arisen from the hellfire is ready for any challenge.' ” . . .

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WATCH: Why We Remember the Holocaust

Holocaust videos

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