Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hillary staged Iowa coffee shop talk, what about Chipotle?

 Political Cartoons by Chip Bok

Legal Insurrection  " Via Drudge, The Daily Mail reports to the surprise of no one who has followed the Clintons, that Hillary’s coffee shop talk in Iowa was staged:"

 Hillary at Chipotle Security Camera

. . . "It was more than perfect. Hillary was just a person buying a Burrito Bowl, like the regular folk, minding her own business on an All-American road trip. Not looking for publicity. But publicity just happened to find her. Uh huh.

"That Chipotle appearance was just too cute, by half.

"So who tipped off Haberman? The campaign? An operative working for the campaign? People playing the same role as in the coffee shop, making sure the photo ops were just right?

"I emailed Haberman about her tip, whether it was from the campaign or someone else, but she didn’t respond.  Can’t say I blame her, I wouldn’t reveal the source of a tip.

"Oh, it’s probably nothing.  Just a little birdie."

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