Thursday, April 16, 2015

Alan Caruba: A Thousand Ways to Die

"Does a day go by when we are not warned about something that might do us harm or kill us?

"I recently received an email from the Surgeon General of the United States in which he said, “Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet with President Obama, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy and health care professionals to discuss climate change. We talked about the impact of climate change on public health and the importance of prevention.”

"The prevention of what? Climate change?

"In the five thousand years of human civilization, there has never been, nor will ever be, a way to “prevent” climate change. This is not to say that earlier cultures didn’t try to solve drought or other weather-related problems by sacrificing the occasional virgin. We look back at that and regard it as primitive in the same way we find the notion of American Indians doing “rain dances” to induce a downpour to help the crops to grow a thing of the past.

"The politicization of “climate change”, a planetary phenomenon that goes back about a billion or so years ago when the Earth took on its present atmosphere and weather patterns tells you everything you need to know about the White House and those who think they can tell outrageous lies to Americans, knowing at least half of them will believe those lives." . . Full article here.

Thomas Lifson;   Stupid Democrat Tricks: the all-night 'climate change' fauxlibuster 
. . . "This is all a distraction, a stunt to eat up media attention instead of a focus on Obama’s disasters in the economy, foreign policy, Fast and Furious, and other scandals." Full article from 2014

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