Thursday, April 16, 2015

What the Unearthed 1995 Video Tells Us about Obama; Does it include treason?

Jack Cashill   "A professionally shot video of Barack Obama from 1995 has recently surfaced.  Shot at the Cambridge, Mass. Public Library, the video captures a skinny, youthful Obama promoting his then newly released memoir, Dreams from My Father.

"In this hour-long presentation, Obama openly talks about his relationship with his mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, a Communist and pornographer.  Perhaps more importantly, Obama gives us a much clearer picture of who he was in 1995, on the cusp of his political career, than we had seen before.  Some observations: . . .Full Article

Thinking the Unthinkable: Are we Looking at Nuclear Treason? . . . "Just this week Obama dismissed the 1963 Cuban Missile Crisis by saying that “I’m not interested in having battles that frankly started before I was born… The Cold War’s been over for a long time.”

"It seems that history only started with the Birth of the One. A more direct confession of delusional narcissism is hard to find.
. . . 
Historian Victor Davis Hanson wondered this week if Obama’s understanding of the world is a sort of “romantic” adolescent fantasy.
“The president has an adolescent, romantic view of professed revolutionary societies and anti-Western poseurs -- and of his own ability uniquely to reach out and win them over.”
Lord help us all.

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