Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Kristallnacht in America

Kristallnacht – The Night of Broken Glass 
 ... “ 'What happened in Germany was a consequence of racism, hate, and prejudice. Every new generation must be aware that the cancer of hate and prejudice is also with us today. There is no way anyone can walk away from messages that contain racism, prejudice, and name-calling. You must always stand up against racism and prejudice, even if you are not being directly persecuted.”
-Survivor of the Holocaust, Werner Coppel, now living in Cincinnati, OH   

And what led to this frightful, violent night? This: 
. . . "Initially denied entry into their native Poland, Grynszpan's parents and the other expelled Polish Jews found themselves stranded in a refugee camp near the town of Zbaszyn in the border region between Poland and Germany. Already living illegally in Paris himself, a desperate Grynszpan apparently sought revenge for his family's precarious circumstances by appearing at the German embassy and shooting the diplomatic official assigned to assist him.
. . . "The Nazi Party leadership, assembled in Munich for the commemoration, chose to use the occasion as a pretext to launch a night of antisemitic excesses. Propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, a chief instigator of the pogrom, intimated to the convened Nazi 'Old Guard' that 'World Jewry' had conspired to commit the assassination and announced that, "the Führer has decided that … demonstrations should not be prepared or organized by the Party, but insofar as they erupt spontaneously, they are not to be hampered."

"It was vom Rath’s murder which sparked the “spontaneous” outburst of violence against the Jews, or so the Nazis said. .  .  The Nazis’ actions in 1938, however, suggest that they were preparing their most ruthless anti-Jewish operation yet - and vom Rath’s assassination was a convenient catalyst for such a strike." . . .

Baltimore Mayor gives rioters 'space to destroy'
. . . " in effect, that the rioters had permission to have at it. They did so with a will in a day long orgy of looting, burning, and mayhem that made the city resemble a war zone that local police seemed helpless and unwilling to prevent."

And loot they did: 

What is happening in the streets of Baltimore and Ferguson is sheer, unpolluted racism.    

 Horrific video shows Baltimore store owner hauled from his premises, sucker punched and kicked as he lay in the street

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