Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Will Hillary Use the "Two for the Price of One" Argument in Her Campaign?


Voice of Lillpop ..."Back in 1991, when Bill Clinton was trying to unseat George H. Bush for the US Presidency, Clinton pitched the intelligence and managerial experience of his spouse, Hillary Rodham, as a benefit that would accrue to America in the event he was elected.

“ 'Two for the price of one,” was how Bill Clinton phrased it, referring to Hillary’s strengths, but, oddly enough, nary a word about her defects, which, we have learned over the past 24 years, are numerous and grave.

"Very grave!

"Now that Hillary is a declared candidate for the presidency on her own, it’s worth remembering that she brings one hell of a lot of “baggage” with her.

"In addition to her well-deserved reputation as a ruthless, congenital liar willing to do anything to secure power and wealth, Hillary remains manacled to Slick Willie, the sex-addicted perjurer who defiled the presidency with unspeakable acts of sexual harassment against unwary(and some not so unwary) females who traversed the halls of the White House, or who were lured into that infamous little back room off the Oval Office.

"Slick Willie’s extra-marital sexual proclivities were particularly robust when president # 2, Hillary, was away.

"Because Slick Willie lied under oath in federal court, he was impeached by the House of Representatives, but because of gutless, immoral Democrats in the Senate, was not removed from office. Clinton was, however, disbarred from the US Supreme Court.

"Given Bill Clinton’s sordid history, the “Two for the Price of One” argument he used in 1991 should be turned around and used against Hillary in 2016!

"The theme “Addition by Subtraction” would apply in this case, meaning that by not voting for Hillary, the Slick Willie  burden would be removed, and the American people would be adding to the integrity and purity of the Democratic electoral process."


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