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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Does Obama's Troubled Childhood Explain His Bathroom Weirdness?

I was not sure about posting this as it seemed a bit National Enquirer-ish. This same author wrote a companion article, "Obama’s great bathroom edict" , which we have published below this one.

American Thinker . . . "All this should be irrelevant, but it is not – certainly not when the president of the United States issues decrees to our school systems that directly affect the psychological development of children.  The Western world has seen major "revolutionary" movements based on assumed or real sexual desires and behavior.  Sexuality and sexual identity (two different things) have become deliberately politicized.  One major lethal epidemic has already killed hundreds of thousands of (mostly) young men.  Our culture has become so sexualized that we cannot visit a web page without being swamped by soft porn images.

"Obama's "Bathroom Edict" is an obvious abuse of presidential power.  It should not be obeyed, even if parents and teachers have to mount a major resistance campaign.  The fact that it hasn't already stirred enormous public outrage shows how desensitized we have become."
By James Lewis, as is this next article:

Obama’s great bathroom edict   The Obama administration is full of oddities – all ignored by the media. 
 . . . 
"And now we have Obama’s Bathroom Gender Edict, telling local school districts to let boys and girls from six to sixteen decide whichever bathroom they “really” identify with, regardless of the rights of others.  The president of the United States is coming to rescue you from gender-assignment tyranny, children!
"Somehow the Founders forgot to include that as one of the enumerated powers of the president.
"Troubling?  Weird?  Yes, you might think so.
"The delicate growth of gender identity is one of the most emotionally sensitive threads in human life.  Our commissars of P.C. have no right to meddle in anyone’s sexuality or personal identity.  Privacy protection is even more important to the most vulnerable among us. 
"Obama’s bathroom meddling is therefore unbelievably arrogant and potentially destructive.  Adults have a duty to protect children from exactly that kind of invasive, ruthless arrogance.  Children need privacy and autonomy just as the rest of us do. 
"Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.
"Stay out of it, Mr. President, and leave those matters to parents and children themselves."

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