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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Did Obama pay a ransom to Iran for our captured sailors?

iran parade
OUTRAGE! Iran Mocks Captured US Sailors at Revolution Day Parade  Do they have one sailor sucking his thumb?
Rick Moran  "One day after Iran released the 10 sailors they had abducted for strayinhg into Iranian territorial waters, the administration released $1.7 billion in taxpayer dollars to Iran. The money was part of a settlement of a decades old legal claim by Iran and came from a special fund that the executive department can tap to pay claims against the US.

"Or was it a ransom paid for the kidnapped sailors?

"The administration insists the timing of the released funds is coincidental. But legislation introduced in Congress now seeks to discover the truth of the matter." . . .

"Why would Congress disbelieve the president? Perhaps because the Iranians themselves are claiming the money was part of the deal to release the sailors."  
Emphasis added, TD
. . . 
"The final report on the incident has been continuously delayed by the [Obama] Pentagon. A Congressman who has seen the details of the capture says that the American people will be shocked when the truth comes out:" . . .

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