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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Jerry Brown’s Long, Strange Trip to a Clinton Peace

Roll Call  . . . "Brown was to Bill Clinton in 1992 what Bernie Sanders is to Hillary Clinton in 2016 — always trailing, but never failing to scold the front-runner for the nomination, tossing nettlesome anti-establishment liberal barbs that delayed his insider rival’s path toward the reconstruction of party unity.  

“The prince of sleaze,” Brown dubbed the Arkansas governor back then, an epithet Sanders has never come close to matching while working to derail the former secretary of state’s campaign."

. . . "California is the nation’s dominant “blue” state and so any Democratic governor has obvious economic and political reasons to be on friendly terms with a like-minded administration.  
"And this year the differences between the  state’s worldview and that of the Republican nominee are particularly stark: Under Brown, for example, the state has set policies on the environment and the rights of migrant workers that are totally antithetical to Donald Trump’s views about climate change and immigration. " 

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