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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Target boycott petition surpasses a million signatures

WaPo  . . . "Melissa Arnoff, on the other hand, doesn’t see cause for worry. The senior vice president at crisis communications firm Levick told USA Today that she didn’t think the boycott will hurt Target in the long run. In fact, it could actually help the brand as it upholds its self-curated identity.
“ 'I don’t think they stand to lose much at all,” Arnoff said. “This isn’t unusual for them. It’s actually very true to who they say they are as a brand. I think the people who shop there loyally know that.' ” . . .
What Target is doing with rest rooms it is also doing with toys and bedding   . . .  "Of course, getting rid of gender-based marketing is a marketing move, too. Target will surely be looking out for customers’ reactions, and so far, many of them are major eye rolls at this show of political correctness.
“ 'Why don’t you paint your store white so you offend nobody at all,” one Facebook commenter wrote.
“ 'This is a pr stunt and a bad one. All they want is to save money on decorating the section,” another said.
"Next to watch: toy makers such as Lego or Disney and similar retailers, i.e. Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us." . . .

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