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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fact Checker: Everything You Wanted To Know About Trump And The Six-Pointed Star

Yeshiva World News


"Controversy over Trump’s tweet carrying the image of a six-pointed star similar to the Jewish Star of David became the subject of much scrutiny over the Fourth of July weekend. And Trump continues to face criticism. For readers who may have tuned in sporadically or missed it entirely, here’s a complete timeline of the facts of exactly what happened – starting with the original, now-deleted tweet.
. . . 
"We are not going to issue a rating here, which is another case of Trump retweeting controversial memes without checking the source. Still, some questions remain: Did the campaign initially check at all to see where the image originated? Did the campaign know the potential anti-Semitic message it carried? 

"If the Trump campaign truly believed it was simply endorsing the shape of a sheriff’s star to “fit with the theme of corrupt Hillary,” why delete the initial tweet and replace the star with a circle?

"It’s unclear if we’ll get answers to these remaining questions, but we will update this timeline if there are any new developments."

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