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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Ruminating on Hillary and her escape from prosecution

Think how the President of the United States could be a prime target for blackmail by unfriendly powers such as Putin's Russia. TD

Political Cartoons by Steve Breen

Politico: The Weird Hedge Fund That Prepared James Comey for His Capitol Hill Hot Seat  "House Republicans might want to think twice before taking on the FBI director over Hillary’s emails."

Hillary Clinton emails: Justice Department closes investigation without charges  . . . "“The normal punishment, in this case, would include losing authority to handle classified information,” Mr Trump said, “and that too disqualifies Hillary Clinton from being President.' ” 

Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton laughing w border
Legal Insurrection:  Charade completed: AG Lynch rumber-stamps FBI recommendation not to prosecute Hillary   "She wanted to make sure the gift to Hillary was signed, sealed and delivered before Comey had a chance to backtrack on national TV.

Slate: The email scandal reveals everything that’s wrong with the outdated legislation used to prosecute spies and whistleblowers.
. . . "The better way forward is for Congress to do something it’s refused to do for more than 60 years: carefully and comprehensively modernize the Espionage Act, and clarify exactly when it is, and is not, a crime to mishandle classified national security secrets." . . .

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson
Giuliani: 'President Trump' could prosecute Hillary  . . . "Calling the circumstantial evidence against Clinton “overwhelming,” Giuliani noted that is precisely the kind of evidence prosecutors use to show intent, since direct evidence of intent is usually lacking.
“Here’s the biggest piece of the circumstantial evidence: the destruction of the 34,000 emails,” he said, noting that a prosecutor would have been permitted to instruct the jury that the mass deletion “infers guilty knowledge.”
“I am so disappointed in this,” Giuliani said, but added the case is still not closed." . . .

Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail

WATCH: NBC Host Can’t Take It, Unloads After Hillary Escapes Indictment  "A huge political hit indeed, especially considering all that it revealed about Clinton’s true nature — namely her carelessness, her recklessness and her disdain for the truth."
It is revealing that the impartial "journalist" NBC host calls Hillary's escape "good news".

Roger L. Simon: Did Comey Actually Destroy Hillary Clinton by ‘Exonerating’ Her?  . . . "Look at that last paragraph again, because, if the Republicans have any brains at all, they will be quoting it ad infinitum. "To the contrary, those individuals are often subject to security or administrative sanctions." What Comey is clearly saying (and leaving for us to "decide now") is that--whether you agree with his decision not to indict or no (I don't)—in a normal, real-world situation Clinton would face consequences, quite probably be demoted or even fired, certainly not promoted to the presidency of the United States, for what she did.
"Which brings me back to why Comey made this speech." . . .
It's hard to imagine Lynch speaking in public about how Clinton and her aides were "extremely careless" about national security, obvious though that was, or the high probability that the Clinton's server, not to mention her cell phone (!), was hacked by foreign powers. " . . . 

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