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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Russian rumors, Captain Planet and giant joints at the DNC

Dave Barry

The Closing of the American Mouth
Jonathan Morpurgo blows up his 51-foot joint
"So now the Russians are involved. Yes! According to rumors circulating here - and if we can't trust circulating rumors, what can we trust? - it was the Russians who leaked the Democratic National Committee emails, because they wanted to embarrass Hillary Clinton. The theory is that the Russians are secretly supporting Donald Trump, as evidenced by the following evidence:
 "Ivanka" sounds kind of Russian.
 Vladimir Putin has been wearing a baseball cap that says "Make America Great Again."

"In an effort to end the email controversy, the DNC has ritually banished Debbie Wasserman Schultz to a Motel 6 in southern Delaware, but supporters of Bernie Sanders are still outraged. Granted, Sanders supporters are always outraged, but now they're REALLY outraged, to the point where convention organizers have equipped the podium at the Wells Fargo Center with a Unity Water Cannon." . . .

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