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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The FBI releases the free-range Hillary back into the wild

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Comey speaks: Hillary skates! [further updated]  . . . "This is shocking!  Comey’s job is not to decide what a reasonable prosecutor would do.  That is the prosecutor’s job.  He is openly providing protective cover for Loretta Lynch, sparing her from the backlash that would come her way if the FBI recommended prosecution and he demurred.
"The outrage mounts." Thomas Lifson.
Numerous corroborative sources included in this article.

Funny that there is little said in the news about this: Wikileaks releases 1,200 Clinton emails from Iraq war  . . . "Will emails showing Clinton to be a liar damage her campaign?  Even her supporters don't think she's trustworthy, so it's not likely that any revelation from the emails will kill her chances.  But the emails will, if nothing else, serve as more proof of Clinton corruption."  Rick Moran

Hillary Clinton laughing"Complete whitewash."

. . . Somewhere, David Petreaus and dozens of others prosecuted in the past are crying.

"Legal Insurrection readers called it:

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The most breathtaking and frightening fix in American history.  . . . "Doubly frightening because of what it augurs for all our futures if Hillary Clinton should prevail in the November elections. At the center of this corruption – but hardly alone - are the criminal Clintons – the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics - and their Democratic Party allies; but we should not fail to mention also the Republican enablers who would rather fight each other and appease their adversaries than win the political wars. "   Doug Ross Journal

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Trump Just BLASTED The FBI & Hillary In This DAMNING Video
"The rigged system may have helped Hillary Clinton escape criminal charges, but the FBI Director did indict her today for her incredible lack of judgment and honesty. Watch her LIE over and over again. Unbelievable! ‪#‎CrookedHillary‬ ‪#‎RiggedSystem‬"
More Clinton parsing? Notice the use of the phrase "marked classified". Could this mean she sent and received classified material that was cut and pasted into emails, leaving out the markings?

CAN HILLARY SURVIVE?  "I agree with Roger Simon, who writes: “Did Comey Actually Destroy Hillary Clinton by ‘Exonerating’ Her?”

He may have let her off the hook legally, but personally he has left the putative Democratic candidate scarred almost beyond recognition.
By getting out in front of the Justice Department, the FBI director, speaking publicly in an admittedly unusual fashion, was able to frame the case in a manner that Attorney General Loretta Lynch in all probability never would have." . . .   John Hinderaker 
RESTRAINING OUR WAY TO UNRESTRAINED GOVERNMENT  "My point, though, is that this may be another case of a non-leftist making a strained decision that favors the left out of respect for the democratic process — i.e., a strong reluctance to disturb its outcomes. In other words, the decision seems like the product of restraint."

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Hillary’s Banana Republic  " Tuesday morning, FBI Director James Comey stepped up to a podium and calmly and methodically demolished every single Hillary Clinton lie, spin, and evasion regarding her misuse of classified information. Months of deception blew up in her face. And then Comey decided to make her president of the United States." . . .

Not this time:

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